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Does red wine lower cholesterol?

- By Mick Arora. Red Wine, Friend or Foe? The Controversial Truth Behind the Prospects of Lowering Cholesterol With Red Wine The benefits of wine have been well-known for centuries. The ancient Greeks and R...

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Which foods help lower cholesterol?

- By Mick Arora. The Complete Guide to Eating Low Cholesterol Foods The cholesterol we eat has no direct effect on the cholesterol in our blood. The only way to lower your blood cholesterol is to change you...

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Cholesterol 101: Where is Cholesterol Found?

What is cholesterol and why does it matter? Take a look at Cholesterol 101, a crash course on all you need to know about high cholesterol, what causes it, and what you can do.

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To eat or not to eat? Foods that affect Cholesterol levels

- The Naturachol team. It is important to be aware of the nutritional content of our daily food choices. Specifically, we need to pay attention to the salt content of foods since it affects blood pressure a...

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Which Foods are Good for High Cholesterol and Heart Health?

- The Naturachol team. A heart-healthy diet can promote healthy cholesterol levels and help lower LDL cholesterol What are heart-healthy foods and how can they contribute to lower levels of cholesterol? A h...

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Is Olive oil healthy for the heart?

- The Naturachol team. Oils in general have earned a bad reputation for being a risk factor for causing heart disease. Oils, though, are essential for creating many dishes that we love to eat. Oil is necessa...

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Red Yeast Rice Extract: lowering bad cholesterol for centuries

Red yeast rice extract has gained popularity as a natural product that lowers total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, the latter is commonly referred to as bad cholesterol. However, the cholesterol lowering p...

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Cholesterol 101 - The basics of Cholesterol and its effects

Cholesterol can be an overwhelming topic to understand. In this blog we try to explain the importance of cholesterol, the various types of cholesterol and the triggers that result in excessive production of cholesterol. Read on to understand more.

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How to Lower Cholesterol with Supplements

There’s an overload of information on the internet on what supplements are right for lowering cholesterol. Here is a rundown of ingredients commonly found in supplements targeting heart-health with the verdict for which ones work for heart health, and which ones don’t.

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Oatmeal for Healthy Cholesterol

Oatmeal is a wholesome breakfast that tastes good and can be eaten in multiple ways. Not just this, it is the food which helps in cholesterol reduction. Naturachol is a dietary supplement which has oatmeal as its prime ingredient and it allows to reduce the bad cholesterol in 30 days.

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